Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

ab-carver-pro-0613a-deAb Carver Pro is one of the latest editions to the exercising world. It is for people who want to tone their abs by carving their core. Ab Carver Pro is made by Perfect Fitness, and it promises to help you get sculptured arms and ripped abs.


Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is a great tool for weight loss. At first glance, many people might loop it in with other ab rollers. However, there are some key differences that helps distinguish the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro from the other ab rollers. The main difference is how the Ab Carver Pro works to create a resistance. The majority of ab rollers uses a persons weight to help create a resist. Ab Carver Pro uses science. The Ab Carver Pro is equipped with an internal coil system that provides added resistance. This coil system is a Kinetic Engine that uses the power of a spring to help you garner a good workout.

What Works

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro helps people transform their body. If you want the abs that you have always dreamed of the Ab Carver Pro is designed to make your dreams come into fruition.
The center of this ab roller is the kinetic engine. It is made from a carbon steel spring coil. It works to turbocharge your workouts by adding resistance. This resistance puts less pressure on your back when you exercise.

The ultra-wide tread works by providing maximum stability for you as you roll out the Ab Carver Pro.

Your arms are sculptured with help from the ergonomic hand grips. They work, because they are angled in a way that activates your arm and core muscles.

The Ab Carver Pro comes with high-density knee pads made from Styrofoam. The knee pads are soft to the touch and make it easier to use the Ab Carver Pro on hardwood floors.

Perfect Fitness does not claim that the Ab Carver Pro is a magic exercising machine. They assist on people also participating in a reduced caloric diet, as well. This works, because the only healthy way to loose weight is through diet and exercise. The Ab Carver Pro provides the exercise, but you cannot ignore the other part of that equation. Many companies do not acknowledge this, and it is a plus that Perfect Fitness does.

What Doesn’t Work

It is hard to work with it on rubber mats, because the rubber mats create a friction and tends to make the Ab Carver Pro more stationary.

The Ab Carver Pro works to impact upper body strength. However, it is marketed as an ab exercising work out. It helps with abs, but it is not as helpful as it is with upper body strength conditioning.


Overall, the Ab Carver Pro is a good product. It might not give you a perfect six pack, because it works best for upper body strength. However, it will reduce your core and help improve your core muscles. You can easily lose weight with the product. It is simple and easy to use and takes up no space. I’d recommend it.

After the thorough examination we conducted here at Rip-Off Reports, we concluded this product is NOT a rip-off, and is safe to purchase.