Garcinia Cambogia RipOff Report - May 2014


How To Avoid The RipOffs and Find the Highest Quality Garcinia Cambogia Supplement

Last updated: May 2014

After receiving countless rip-off complaints on many different Garcinia Cambogia supplements, Rip Off Report's Special Investigation Uncovers the Most Critical Facts Regarding Garcinia Cambogia Supplements, and puts the most popular products to the test.


With the increasing popularity and demand for Garcinia Cambogia all over the world, there’s been a multitude of fly-by-night companies all attempting to capitalize on the phenomenon.

Just by googling Garcinia Cambogia consumers can see dozens of companies all offering their own version of the product. Of course, this is a recipe for confusion and misinformation. With so many companies out there selling a product, how do you know which companies use the best, high-quality ingredients, without making the supplement less effective by watering it down with less effective ingredients.


Beware of Inferior Products: Most of the products on the market don’t contain the right ingredients in the right proportions or doses to be effective. Garcinia Cambogia must be processed properly in order to provide consumers access to a sufficient amount of the active ingredient. In the case of this type of weight loss supplement, there must be high levels of the active ingredient, Hydroxycitric Acid.

Beware of Fillers, Binders and Extra Ingredients: Some Garcinia Cambogia blends contain stimulants and synthetic fillers like caffeine and chromium that make up for a shortage of the more costly, natural ingredients.

Beware of Auto-Billing Scams: Some companies will offer a “free trial” or a cheap (between $4-$10) price for your first bottle, and then continue to charge your credit card month after month without your authorization.

Beware of Fly-By-Night Companies: Unreputable companies toss a hot-selling word like “miracle,” “premium,” or “pure” in front of the supplement’s name in order to get it out the door fast. These companies often will not provide adequate customer service, or honor their guarantees.

So how can you tell which Garcinia Cambogia supplements are the real deal? And what should you look for when deciding which brand you want to try?


Company Reputation. A lot of companies will attempt to ride a trend and sell nothing nothing but the product that is currently in high demand. If the Garcinia Cambogia you find isn’t backed by a reputable seller, you should avoid purchasing from that company. These companies only want your money and most likely don’t care about selling you a quality product.

Third-party Testing. Oftentimes you will see certain brands making outlandish claims that are unsupported. Most of these brands didn’t even make it past our initial round because they had no third-party testing to verify the ingredients or effectiveness of their product.

Guarantee. It's important that the company has a risk-free guarantee that they stand behind. Often companies will offer a risk-free guarantee but the fine print in their "Terms and Conditions" makes it impossible to actually get your money back. Unfortunately, this was the case with most companies we investigated.

We know you don’t have the time or extra money to waste trying to wade through the latest fat-burning craze. So we took the guess work out of it for you by researching several brands of Garcinia Cambogia ourselves.


To conduct our research, RipOff Reports purchased 24 of the most common Garcinia Cambogia supplements on the market and sent them to an independent lab to find out which ones have the right ingredients in the right proportions, and if their claims match the actual supplement content. Because quality is the cornerstone to a good Garcinia Cambogia supplement.

After that, we surveyed thousands of Ripoff Report readers who used these products and learned from their own experiences. We then put together all of these factors to determine the best Garcinia Cambogia products on the market today.


As we predicted, the vast majority of products we tested just didn’t have the high-quality ingredients in the right proportions to make them effective.

What we looked for: A good Garcinia Cambogia supplement should be at least 1,500mg, contain 60% HCA (the plant’s active ingredient), potassium to help with absorption--and nothing else. This benchmark test alone resulted in about half of the products we gathered being eliminated immediately.

The remaining brands had the right ingredients, but after researching the companies and their customers’ experiences, we had to eliminate them as well. Reports of late product shipments, inexistent customer service, and auto billing scams were rampant. Even if a company sells a good product, we cannot recommend them if they refuse to stand by their satisfaction guarantees.

The following brands were deemed safe for purchase. The RipOff Reports Safe Selection™ Seal, was awarded to our top choice, LiveWell Labs.





#1 Top Choice: LiveWell Labs Garcinia Cambogia

Out of all 24 products tested, LiveWell Labs was the highest quality supplement and the only one we can safely recommend you purchase.

Livewell labs use the exact recommended dosage for maximum results with 1600mg per serving, 60% HCA extract, and potassium to assist with absorption. They do not use fillers, binders, or synthetics ingredients, and use only veggie capsules. And, unlike other products, they are not a fly-by-night company and don't use any billing schemes and tricks - which as mentioned, is quite common with any type of supplement mentioned on The Dr. Oz show.

The reputation of the brand, LiveWell Labs, is top notch. They pride themselves on their extensive guarantee. All Purchases of LiveWell Labs Garcinia Cambogia are backed by a verified 365 day 100% money back guarantee.

If you are looking for a legitimate source for all your supplement needs, LiveWell Labs could be the one. For Garcinia Cambogia, this is the only company we can safely recommend you buy from.

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#2: Genesis Today Garcinia Cambogia

Another Garcinia Cambogia supplement that made our safe list was Genesis Today’s Garcinia Cambogia. They don’t use fillers, synthetics, or binders.

But they don’t have the complete package. Rather than just HCA and potassium, they have several added ingredients that water down their supplement and render it less effective.

They also only offer 800mg of the actual supplement (HCA), meaning their 30-day supply is really more like a 15-day supply if you actually want to get the recommended dosage.

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#Vitamin Shoppe Garcinia Cambogia

While Vitamin Shoppe has an overall good reputation, with good products, Sadly, this was not the case with their Garcinia Cambogia.

While the price is right on this product at around $20, there’s a reason for it. Their Garcinia Cambogia blend is loaded with fillers and comes in a dosage much less than what we like to see.

>As a result we couldn’t endorse this product of theirs. There  wasn’t enough HCA or potassium, and far too many binders and fillers for us to recommend this product.

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P.S. While LiveWell Labs is the highest quality Garcinia Cambogia we've found, we still want to hear about any other brands you've tried. If you have had a good or bad experience of your own, please send me an email at with the details.


Meredith Blake
Senior Investigator


Meredith Blake, Senior Investigator


Meredith is the Senior Investigator for Ripoff Reports. Being a healthy & active lifestyle expert, she has been an online consumers' advocate for 8 years. Meredith has dedicated herself to consumer education and reports her findings about inferior and falsely advertised products.


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