Conair SU1W Sound Therapy – Ambient Auditory Sensations at Your Fingertips

cd2bd762-7c7e-4073-b9a5-d9dfc1a765ce_300The term “white noise” is an oxymoron, at least when it is coming out of a Conair SU1W Sound Therapy machine. The relaxing sounds that you hear from it can battle insomnia, help you concentrate and focus better, and allow you to relax like never before. Noise is something you are trying to get away from, such as drilling, honking automobiles, or shouting neighbors.

Just because you cannot get back to nature, is no reason that you can’t bring nature to you. Imagine that you have had a long and hard day at your job. When you get home, all you want to do is take a bath shower, grab a quick bite to eat and head to bed. The only problem is that you’re so stressed out that you cannot get to sleep.

That is where the Conair SU1W Sound Therapy comes into play. It’s a small device that you can set the sound effect, control the volume, and let it work its magic. Sit back, relax, and allow the natural sounds of running streams, falling rain, crashing waves and other marvelous auditory effects to fill the room.

Conair SU1W Sound Therapy – Features

  • Quality Speaker – Realistic sounds are flowing from a built in 3-inch speaker.
  • Dual Power – The Conair comes with an AC adapter, but it will also run off of four AA batteries.
  • Ten Realistic High-Quality Soothing Sounds:
    1. Thunderstorm – The sound of thunder can be soothing when you hear it in the distance. That low rumbling roar and sound of rain on the rooftop can help you sleep like a baby.
    2. Heartbeat – If you have ever heard the rhythmic beat of the heart over some speakers, you know that it has a hypnotic calming effect.
    3. Summer Nights – A lot goes on in the summer, and more so at night. Relive some of those sounds that you used to hear.
    4. Waterfall – Cascading waterfalls are powerful but supremely soothing.
    5. Tropical Forest – The forest is a mysterious place, especially after the sun goes down and all of the nocturnal animals and insects come out for a symphony of melodic sounds. It is a soothing sound for theears.
    6. White Noise – Mask unwanted noise with a background of muffled static. The muffled static sounds block them out.
    7. Ocean Waves – Have you ever gone to a beach and closed your eyes and were delighted at the sound of crashing waves? It’s constant, forever moving, and soothing.
    8. Songbirds – The sound of beautiful birds singing in perfect harmony is exceptionally tranquil.
    9. Running Stream – The running stream is often used in martial arts meditation and helps to clear the mind, or to have a mind like water where everything flows.
    10. Rainfall: Ease the mind with the peaceful patter of rain.

Conair SU1W Sound Therapy – What People are Saying

This product has received a 4 Star Rating with over 4,500 different reviews. One thing is clear, those who like it are delighted by the selection of sounds, especially the running stream, rainfall, and white noise. The volume control makes it particularly handy to adjust the sound according to the severity of background noises. Also, the Conair SU1W Sound Therapy works well with children and pets, helping them get a pleasant night’s sleep.

Some reviewers mentioned that they were a little distracted by the sound loops produced by the machine.These are digitally reproduced recordings of real sounds and some of the selections only have loops that are eight to ten seconds long. They mentioned if the volume is too high, the re-looping is noticeable, but if you change the position of the machine or lower the volume, this seems to go away.

Our take is that the Conair SU1W Sound Therapy is better than other units tested, and will suit the needs of most people. After the thorough examination we conducted here at Rip-Off Reports, we concluded this product is NOT a rip-off and is safe to purchase.

Samsung RSG309AARS

This Samsung wunderkind blends modern technology and energy-saving features with traditional styling. The stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator may look like your typical refrigerator at first glance, but upon closer inspection, the LCD touchscreen and curved door handles add a little eye candy, and some great surprises await inside. The fridge has 30 total cubic feet, which surpasses the space of the best side-by-side refrigerators in its class. The refrigerator section has a whopping 18.1 cubic feet of storage space and the freezer has 11.5 cubic feet.

Storage & Features:


Ever come home from the grocery store only to find your fridge is too small to fit everything? Thankfully, this Samsung side by side provides the storage you need. So don’t be ashamed to fill this top-rated refrigerator with all your favorite goodies. The refrigerator section has five tempered-glass shelves, which are also spill-proof. There are five door bins, three of which can store gallon-sized items and three crispers. The freezer has five glass shelves, two drawers and three door bins.

This smart fridge comes with all the fixin’s that will make you swoon. The Samsung RSG309AARS side-by-side refrigerator has an 8-inch LCD touchscreen that is Wi-Fi enabled to connect with your home wireless network.

The touchscreen comes with a variety of amazing apps, including the following:

Epicurious – For the chef in all of us, Epicurious is a ridiculously comprehensive app that enables you to find recipes for any occasion. You can save any recipe that you find to your Featured Recipes list and select the Shopping List icon, which will add all of the ingredients in the recipe to a list for you. If you didn’t have time to make it to the grocery store that week, you can search for delicious recipes by the ingredients that you already have in your refrigerator or pantry.

Calendar – Soccer, ballet, PTA meetings – you can keep your family’s busy schedule organized with the Calendar app. You or any member of your family can easily access the calendar from the homepage to add or delete events.

AP News – Catch up on current events without ever leaving your kitchen. You can access the AP News app any time of the day and read all available news articles.

Memo – Stop covering your fridge in little pieces of paper. Instead, use the Memo function. This side-by-side refrigerator allows you to save up to 80 digital memos and display them on the home screen. You can use the pen mode to write notes using your finger, or you can select keyboard mode. To add fun drawings or personal touches to your note, there are eight pen colors for you to choose from.

Photos – You can upload up to 300 of your favorite photos to your My Album folder from your SD card, phone or Picasa library. You can view the images several ways, including as a screensaver slideshow.

WeatherBug – Input your ZIP code using the touchpad keyboard, and then select your location and your favorite local weather station. WeatherBug will keep you up-to-the-minute with local weather patterns. Never be caught without your sunscreen or umbrella again.

Pandora – Whether you are doing the dishes or entertaining, you can play your favorite tunes using the Pandora app.

Twitter – Compose your own messages or simply see what your favorite celebrities are up to throughout the day.

Water & Ice Dispenser:


The 8-inch LCD screen serves many purposes. The center of the home screen is the information hub. Here, you can see the time, date, weather, refrigerator and freezer temperature, and what type of ice (cubed or crushed) you have recently selected. You can change these settings at any time with ease.

The freezer already has a large 11.5 cubic foot capacity, but you can use every inch of that space because the ice dispenser is located on the inside of the freezer door. Perfection. The ice maker container is clear, so you can easily see how much ice is in the bin. The ice maker will store up to 4.9 pounds of ice and produces around 4.6 pounds per day.

Energy & Warranty:


The best side-by-side refrigerators, such as the Samsung RSG309AARS, are Energy Star compliant and have been issued an EnergyGuide by the U.S. government. This guide lists the estimated yearly energy use and operating costs of your certified refrigerator. The estimated year energy use for this top-rated refrigerator is 621 kilowatts. With this energy use, the estimated operating costs are $66 per year. A few features can save you energy. The LED light bulbs in the refrigerator consume, according to Samsung, 20 times less energy than your traditional refrigerator lights. That’s pretty amazing. If your Samsung side by side is open for more than two minutes, an alarm will sound and will continue to repeat until the door is closed. You can even select the Energy Saver function on your LCD touchscreen, which will decrease power consumption.

Samsung issues a one-year parts and labor warranty for this side-by-side refrigerator. In their warranty statement, Samsung agrees to repair or replace any parts that stop working.

Samsung extends its warranty to five years for parts and labor for the sealed areas of the refrigerator, which include the compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier and connecting tubing.

Help & Support:


There are so many great features that make this Samsung one of the best side-by-side refrigerators on the market. The help and support options just add more checks to that long list. Samsung offers it all: live chat, video guides, FAQs section, an online user manual, telephone and email support.


Samsung takes their usual genius and applies it to appliances like this side-by-side refrigerator. We are very pleased with the space, water and ice dispenser, and help and support options. We definitely gushed about the LCD touchscreen throughout this review, but for good reason: It’s totally awesome! We are very impressed with this feature and its ability to connect you to the world around you with ease.

This side-by-side refrigerator has a fantastic touchscreen control panel. It’s like a mini computer built right into your fridge.

Because the built-in touchscreen offers so many software apps, it may take some time to understand how to use them all.

The Verdict:


The Samsung RSG309AARS blends modern technology and energy-saving features with traditional styling to give you an innovative, Wi-Fi enabled fridge that’s so much more than you would expect from your typical refrigerator.